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Probate is the process of proving the validity of the will (or intestacy) and from there obtaining the grant of representation (the official confirmation) that the executor is entitled to administer the estate. Fundamentally this involves satisfying the requirements of the probate registry and the Inland Revenue.

Sometimes the probate process can be very complex and lengthy, sometimes it can be very quick and easy and sometimes it is not needed at all. Whatever the situation we are sure that we can be of service. It might only be to offer free advice to give you the confidence to go forward on your own.

At Stamford Estate Planning we can either provide a full service to take over the whole responsibility for the estate or should you prefer, we can deal only with the particular areas where you would like some support. Our role is to provide help and assistance at what is a very painful time for families.

If you have come to our website because you have suffered bereavement and are facing the responsibility of dealing with the legal and fiscal issues that the law insists must be resolved in this situation. Please call us even if it is only to ask us a simple question. It is what we are here for.