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Why You Need A Will

Every thirty five minutes somebody dies from an unexpected accident. Sadly approximately 70% of people die intestate i.e. without a Will, and thereby condemn their family to months possibly years of distress and hardship. Without a Will the Law of Intestacy applies which is a general set of rules applied indiscriminately. They are unlikely to reflect individual circumstances and regardless, beneficiaries may not be able to access money from the estate for some time. This is a perfect recipe for arguments and unnecessary strife. These are the main points that people need to be aware of :

Spouses/Civil Partners do not necessarily receive everything. Others may have a claim, often children have a right to part of the estate including the right to enforce the sale of the family home to realise their inheritance. This is crucial to understand especially if you or your partner have children from a previous relationship.

Living With Someone does not automatically entitle them to inherit anything. They may be treated as a single person and receive nothing.

Orphaned children will pass into the care of social services who will decide their future guardians including foster parents.

Disabled /Special Needs beneficiaries could well be best served by having their inheritance passed into Trust otherwise it could affect their entitlement to state benefit.

Inheritance Tax legislation demands that everybody makes a will as without one an individual's tax allowance can be wasted which could cost their family thousands in unnecessary tax.

Long Term Care Fees can be crippling for families. Indeed approximately 70,000 homes are sold per year to pay for them. A Protective Property Trust Will can protect at least half of your home in these circumstances.

Probate which applies to all estates over 5,000 will often take longer and cost more.

Writing a Will is a purely noble act, done only for the benefit of your loved ones. Modern estates can easily run to hundreds of thousands of pounds and take many months to execute. The consequences of intestacy for the deceased's family can be horrendous and so easily avoided by simply taking the time to write a Will. Our experience is that most people feel very relieved and reassured after completing this vital job.


"Stamford made the process very east for us and I now have complete piece of mind"

Mrs Williams of Fleet